CFD study turbulent structures

Master project within our Engine Development department

  • Location Eindhoven
  • Organisation Unit Internships Eindhoven
  • Fulltime Fulltime
  • Education level Master
  • Contract type Internship contract

Job description

CFD (computational fluid dynamics) simulations are performed to improve the design of the engine (using STAR-CCM+ package) in the CAE-Engine department.
Swirl generated by the intake ports is assumed to help mixing of diesel spray in compressed air and insure better combustion. However:
-          generating swirl has a negative effect on on air intake of the combustion chamber;
-          large turbulent structures are damped by the high compression ratio of modern diesel engines;
-          diesel injection at high pressure is another source of turbulence.
The respective contribution of all the turbulence sources to the mixing between air and diesel remains a controversial question in the industry. A preliminary study using Reynolds averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) models showed the importance of knowing local turbulence fluctuations for better understanding of the flow in the combustion chamber. Large Eddy Simulation (LES) is expected to perform better in this context and will be the core of this graduation project.


  • Use the existing simple cylinder model to validate his LES model and study the evolution of turbulence according to piston and valve motion.
  • Focusing on the effect of geometry change (piston surface, type and number of intake ports, valve seat etc) especially at the end of compression stroke.
  • The influence of heat transfer on turbulence due to the high temperature of piston surface will be investigated.
  • Diesel injection (non-reacting) will be simulated to investigate the mixing achieved. Several types of injectors and injection strategy can be investigated.
Start: June 2019 (6-9 months)

Your profile

  • You are a Master student in Applied Physics, Mechanical, Automotive or Aerospace Engineering;
  • Background in fluid dynamics and heat transfer;
  • Experience in CFD simulations;
  • Knowledge on (diesel) engine;
  • Your English is fluent.


The department Engine Hardware & Design is responsible for the development of new engine hardware concepts and maintaining the in-production engine families. The CAE (computer aided engineering) group has an open position for a trainee.

We offer

  • A view behind the scenes at a large international corporation;
  • You will get a lot of freedom and responsibility. We are open to your initiatives and depending on the assignment you see your results back in the workplace;
  • An experienced coach and supervisor who can teach you a lot and is willing to help you with your assignment;
  • After your graduation, you will have the opportunity to start your career at DAF;
  • An internship wage of € 450,- (WO)  based on 36 hours;
  • A travel allowance, if you don’t have a student travel product (provided by the Dutch government);
  • A housing allowance, if you temporarily rent a room near DAF.
Each intern will have the opportunity to participate at the Student Event. During this event you will meet other interns and find out more about DAF/PACCAR!
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