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Health & Safety


We care about our employees. That is the reason why we value a safe and healthy work environment. We ensure that not only our own employees can work safely, but we also care about external workers and the visitors we receive.

We continuously improve our health and safety standards. Completely in line with our PACCAR Production System philosophy. For example, our employees walk their own safety rounds to detect and report unsafe situations. Of course, we also want to learn from the (almost) accidents that  happen. To do this in a structured way, we work with a certified system.

DAF is professionally supported by its own health and safety department, which includes company physicians, security experts and absentee coaches for our employees. Those experts effectively help to improve processes and workplaces. Besides, they help employees with their questions or concerns. Long term employability is important within DAF, because we would like to see that every employee remains employable.

Joint responsibility       
Our regulations provide guidelines for a safe and healthy work environment. In addition, we facilitate trainings for managers and employees. For example, we provide trainings about dangerous substances, how to use specific machines, but there are also trainings about road regulations or physical stress. Good instructions and work arrangements are essential. A joint responsibility is key. Because every accident is one too many. All our employees contribute to a safe and healthy work environment, because you are the start of a safe work environment. Therefore, our starting point is: “I can make a difference.”