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Logistics & Supply Chain

Every day, hundreds of parts are delivered to the right place within the organization. For example, to the assembly line, but also the trucks that are delivered to our customers and the parts in the warehouse of PACCAR Parts. Therefore, Logistics and supply chain are essential at DAF.


Logistics Operations

At DAF we work according to the ‘direct line feeding’ principle: suppliers deliver directly to the assembly lines. As a logistics professional, you ensure that the parts are delivered in the right order, and at the right time in the production process. Our trucks are manufactured according to the build to order principle, so it is of great importance that we can rely on the delivery at the right moments.

Logistics has an important role in the distribution of our trucks as well. Dozens of trucks start their journey to customers all over the world. A logistic operation that requires a great amount of planning and organization.


Logistics at PACCAR Parts Europe

PACCAR Parts is a distributor of high-quality truck parts and service concepts. More than 400,000 shipments leave the warehouse each year. All with one goal: the maximization availability of the customer’s truck. You use in-house developed inventory planning processes and intelligent IT systems to ensure that all those shipments are sent at the right time.

PACCAR Parts is a division of the global organization PACCAR, the parent company of DAF. The head office of PACCAR Parts Europe is located at the DAF site in Eindhoven.


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