DAF new truck in 1952 factory

More than 95 years of heritage

Founded in 1928

More than 95 years of innovative transport solutions

On 1 April 1928 Hub van Doorne set up a small construction workshop in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
From these very modest beginnings, DAF eventually developed into a leading global truck manufacturer with a firm focus on innovation, quality and transport efficiency.

Patent on clever solutions


More than 90 years of DAF, more than 90 years of innovation. DAF has always been known for its clever transport solutions. And all those sophisticated solutions had in common that they served a clear purpose. They were of value to the customer!
Discover a small selection of an almost countless series of inventions.

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PACCAR MX engines

Innovative Engine Technology

DAF has always been highly innovative in engine development. In 1959, DAF was one of the first European truck manufacturers to apply turbo charging for diesel engines. In 1973, DAF was ten years ahead of European competition with the introduction of turbo intercooling, a technology which initially met the demand for higher engine outputs and lower fuel consumption, but which later also proved to be indispensable in realizing cleaner exhaust gases. In the 1980’s DAF introduced Advanced Turbo intercooling (ATi) which added to the reduction of fuel consumption and an increase in engine performance. DAF’s latest innovations in engine technology are the 12.9 litre PACCAR MX-13 engine and the 10.8 litre PACCAR MX-11 engine, which meet the stringent Euro 6 emission standards.


In the early days, DAF installed Hercules and Perkins petrol and diesel engines, but in 1957 the Eindhoven company designed and began manufacturing the first
DAF-branded engines.

DAF improved the DD575 diesel engine by adding a turbo charger which was another ground-breaking achievement.

DAF was the first to introduce turbo-intercooling. The technology was initially developed to meet the demand for higher engine outputs and lower fuel consumption, but also proved to be indispensable in realizing cleaner exhaust emissions.

DAF launched ATi, Advanced Turbo Intercooling which provided further power and efficiency gains through a further refinement of injection technology and an
optimised shape of the combustion chamber.

DAF unveiled the PACCAR MX engine that is now installed in all of DAF’s heavy-duty trucks and over 40% of Kenworth and Peterbilt built trucks.

Introduction of the Euro 6 XF and PACCAR MX-13 engine.

Introduction of the Euro 6 LF and CF and PACCAR MX-11 engine.


On the Road to Zero Emission Transport

To underline DAF’s industry leading position in fuel efficiency and low emissions, DAF has introduced a range of innovative trucks, featuring state-of-the-art alternative powertrains. These include the LF Electric for zero emissions distribution, as well as the new DAF XD Electric and DAF XF Electric vehicles. These advanced trucks have new modular battery electric drivelines with industry-leading ranges of up to 500 kilometers on a single charge. The DAF New XF H2 Innovation Truck features a state-ofthe- art hydrogen internal combustion engine and earned the prestigious ‘2022 Truck Innovation Award’. DAF is exploring, researching and marketing various alternative driveline solutions to champion the needs for improving local air quality in cities, as well as reducing CO2 emissions and demonstrate DAF’s zero emissions leadership.


DAF Museum

A visit to the DAF Museum in the center of Eindhoven means a tour through time, past the historical milestones of DAF Trucks N.V. From the founding of the company by the brothers Hub and Wim van Doorne in 1928 up to and including the most modern trucks that now leave the DAF factory.

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