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DAF works with a wide range of suppliers across the value chain. We rely on them to help us develop, produce and maintain our industry-leading trucks. As a result, we value our partnerships with them. To ensure high quality, fast logistics and cost efficiency, we have intensive, long-term relationships with several preferred suppliers. But we are always looking for new partners to help us keep up with technological and business developments in the transportation market.



The reactions of our suppliers



DAF supplier - Clothing Network GmbH

"We hope to realize many more Clothing Collections in the future together with DAF!"



About PACCAR Purchasing Europe

DAF Trucks is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PACCAR Inc. The DAF Trucks N.V. purchasing organization is part of PACCAR Corporate Purchasing and goes under the name of PACCAR Purchasing Europe. It is responsible for the delivery of goods and services to production units in Eindhoven and Westerlo (DAF Purchasing) and to Leyland (Leyland Purchasing).  

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