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DAF focuses on developing long-term partnerships with reliable suppliers across the value chain:

  • Product-related suppliers

  • Parts suppliers

  • Non-product-related suppliers in fields like manufacturing equipment, IT equipment and services, marketing and facilities


5 Key requirements

We select and evaluate our suppliers according to five key criteria:

1. Quality
Suppliers must be able to provide high-quality components and systems to ensure the superb quality of our trucks. What’s more, they must be committed to continuous improvement in production processes with regard to quality and environmental impact. Suppliers are also expected to participate in projects initiated by our Purchasing department like Six Sigma.

2. Logistics
DAF manufactures its trucks on a build-to-order basis, meaning that trucks are only constructed after we have received a confirmed order. Suppliers must therefore be able to provide continuity, reliability and flexibility when it comes to delivery. This requires fast, frequent, error-free communication between our suppliers and ourselves. EDI is one of the tools we use to achieve this. learn more 

3. Know-how
Suppliers must have up-to-date knowledge of technological developments in the market and provide access to new technologies and systems.

4. Competitive position

Suppliers must have a favourable financial and market position.

5. Total costs
In order to set competitive prices for our trucks, value chain costs must be as low as possible.


Environmental contract requirements
DAF uses an ISO 14001 environmental management system for all our processes, services and products. It covers all our production locations, dealerships and stores in Europe. As part of this system, there are environmental contract requirements for suppliers of services on DAF premises. These requirements are an integral part of our purchase orders or contracts for services and apply to all supplier employees and subcontractors.


Become a supplier


If you meet the criteria and want to apply to become a supplier to PACCAR Europe,
you can download the Supplier Questionnaire.



Please send your completed questionnaire to the following address: 

PACCAR Purchasing Europe

P.O. Box 90065
5600 PT Eindhoven
The Netherlands

We will use this questionnaire to gain a better insight into your organization and the way in which it measures to the five selection criteria. We would like to thank you in advance for your interest in becoming a supplier. 

Contact PACCAR Purchasing Europe 

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