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Facts & Figures


2018 — A record year for DAF


DAF Trucks broke all records in 2018. Thanks to a historically high market share of 16.6%, DAF has grown to be Europe's second largest brand in the heavy truck (16+ tonnes) segment. DAF is the European market leader in the important tractor-unit segment, with a market share of no less than 19.8%. The European market for trucks of 16+ tonnes amounted to almost 319,000 trucks in 2018 compared to 306,000 in 2017.

Market leader in seven European countries

As in previous years, DAF was the market leader in the heavy segment in 2018 in the Netherlands (32.0%), the United Kingdom (26.5%), Poland (23.2%) and Hungary (32.6%). The Dutch truck manufacturer was also the market leader in Belgium (22.1%), Bulgaria (19.9%) and the Czech Republic (19.5%). In Germany—Europe's largest truck market—DAF was once again the largest import brand, with a market share of 12.3%.

Stable market share in the 6–16-tonnes segment

The total European market for light trucks (6–16 tonnes) decreased slightly from 52,500 units in 2017 to just under 52,000 in 2018. DAF held a 9.0% market share in this segment. DAF is the market leader in the light trucks class in both the United Kingdom (32.0%) and in Ireland (18.2%).

Further growth outside the European Union

DAF sold 8,700 trucks outside the European Union. DAF’s market leadership continued in Taiwan with the launch of the new generation of DAF Euro 6 trucks. Market share grew in Israel, Belarus and South Africa and DAF achieved record sales in Indonesia. The DAF CF vehicle began local assembly at the PACCAR Australia factory. DAF sold over 3,500 PACCAR engines to leading manufacturers of coaches, buses and special vehicles as well as expanding engine sales into Singapore and Myanmar.

Record production

To meet the high demand for its trucks, DAF produced a record number of more than 67,000 light, medium and heavy trucks in 2018, an increase of 10.1% compared to the previous year. DAF estimates that the market for heavy trucks will be strong again in 2019, at a volume of between 290,000 and 320,000 units.



Production 2018

Customer rating


Market share 2018



Number of employees


Production 2018:


56.800 trucks


10.200 trucks


67.000 trucks

Market share 2018:

EU Market share heavy segment: 


EU Market share light segment:


Production facilities:

Eindhoven, The Netherlands: 

approx. 900.000 m2

Westerlo, Belgium:

approx. 400.000 m2

Leyland, United Kingdom:

approx. 600.000 m2

Ponta Grossa, Brazil:

approx. 300.000 m2

Number of employees (FTE):


approx. 6.830


approx. 2.750


Number of employees outside the Netherlands and Belgium, working at national marketing and sales offices: ca. 920