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Marketing & Sales

Success requires more than the development and production of excellent trucks. Promotion, sales, logistics and after sales play are also of great importance. We are able to offer a full package for transport solutions for our customers by aligning those aspects.

Supporting the sales organisations, the dynamics and interaction with customers, that's what Marketing & Sales is all about. The aim is to offer the best possible service to our customers. This is done by a variety of departments and roles, where sometimes commerce and sometimes technical knowledge is predominating. 

Marketing & Sales is a broad concept within DAF. With your background and expertise, you can work at various departments within our organization.


After Sales

Our clients, remain our clients, even after they received their truck. Therefore, we want to deliver the best aftercare. We try to exceed the expectations of the customer every day.

Every day you start with new (technical) challenges, whereby you act on the interface of technology and business. Working at After Sales means not a day is thesame. And just like your colleagues in the department, you have the spirit to deliver the best solution for the customer. In this way, you directly contribute to the satisfaction of our customers.

After Sales can be characterized by the combination of technology and services.


Marketing & Sales at PACCAR Parts

PACCAR Parts is a distributor of high-quality truck parts and service concepts. The European head office of PACCAR Parts is situated in Eindhoven. PACCAR Parts is involved in the development and management of on- and offline marketing communication, lead generation programs, loyalty programs, sales campaigns, websites, e-commerce and the organization of events.



Everything evolves around the hard- and software development, production and maintenance of our off-board diagnostic tool: the DAVIE. This tool provides optimum support to dealers, workshops and garage owners in the diagnostic maintenance and repair processes. This allows us to provide optimum advice to our customers.

The diagnostics department is part of After Sales. If you work at Diagnostics, you ensure that our DAVIE stays up to date by integrating the latest possible solutions. In an international team you work intensively with PACCAR colleagues, so that not only DAF, but the entire PACCAR organization can use this tool.

Would you like to know more about IT within DAF? Please visit our page about our IT department here.


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