Sustainability is at our core


At DAF we are committed to contributing to a better world. That’s why you will find sustainability embedded in our mission, our vision and our values. We see it as a natural part of the way we conduct business - it’s far more than just a corporate responsibility.


DAF sustainability framework

DAF Trucks reviews sustainability risks and opportunities within the ESG Framework: Environment (including both emission reduction and circularity), Social (care for people) and Governance (responsible business), all of them being applicable to our supply chain, our own operations, our dealers and customers, as well as society. Each pillar of our ESG Framework is linked to a United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)aim to make the world more sustainable by 2030. Building on our core strengths, we believe that for DAF five SDGs particularly can make the greatest impact for society and ecology.

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