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DAF Career

Warm Welcome international

At DAF we like to welcome new international colleagues. They come from all over the world. A new step in a foreign country means getting acquainted with habits and customs and entailing the necessary organization. Thanks in part to 'Warm Welcome international', we ensure that they are familiarized with the Netherlands and feel welcome. 


Want to know more about data analytics at DAF?

Onur, Myrthe and Carlo definitely want to know more. That's why they've organized a special event to bring all the data minded people in the organization together.

Read more about the analytics fair that was organized by our colleagues
analytics fair onur, myrthe and carlo

DAF's first hackathon

Sleeping in a DAF truck, pizza and software engineers who work diligently on various assignments.

Read more about our first DAF Hackathon

The wheel of fortune

By using this simple tool, we show that we take the input of our employees seriously.

Read more about the wheel of fortune at PACCAR Parts

Interns Paula and Ngan about DAF Connect

They both did an internship at the DAF Digital Technology Center. There they performed two assignments above expectations.

Read more about the internship of Paula and Ngan