An important success factor of DAF is the focus on cost insights and cost control. That is why the role of our Finance department is predictive and controlling. As a financial expert, you will be intensively involved in the business processes. You do not focus solely on realized sales, but you are aware that forecasts and predicate analysis are equally important. You know how to interpret and assess certain information, in order to give a clear advice.

Often, financial colleagues are asked to join projects, to give advice about budgeting and forecasts. Important decisions will be made, depending on your knowledge and financial insights.

PACCAR Financial Europe
In addition to the regular Finance department at DAF, the head office of PACCAR Financial Europe is also located in Eindhoven. PACCAR Financial Europe is one of the world's most renowned finance companies with a focus on the transport sector. Besides the financial solution for new trucks, they also provide customers with financial solutions for used trucks and trailers. PACCAR Financial is active in 12 countries.

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