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Jos de Vries visual

Jos de Vries, Director of Construction company De Vries in Eindhoven:

“De Vries and DAF Trucks share a special bond for already 60 years”


DAF Trucks and Construction company de Vries: these two Eindhoven based companies share a bond that goes back for decades. “My father, Albert de Vries, founded our family business sixty years ago. He worked for DAF Trucks from the beginning and they eventually became an important customer of us,” explains current Director, Jos de Vries. “My father was honoured to provide quality (customised) production for the truck manufacturer. The partnership continued to develop further after I took over the family business from my father in 1989.”

“The activities that we carry out for DAF are very diverse; from the co-development and production of exhaust filters, to the production and assembly of small to mid-sized steel constructions.”

The project managers at De Vries work closely with the engineers and buyers at DAF in order to keep the lines of communication as short as possible. “We are therefore able to respond to DAF’s needs immediately. If necessary, we create a prototype so that the product can first be tested and then fine-tuned further from that point on. It is about delivering a reliable product that meets everyone’s needs within the shortest possible lead time”, says Jos de Vries.

“We supply to DAF Trucks in both Eindhoven and Flanders. In addition, we also carry out various laser cutting and metal works for DAF’s tool making workshop. We believe we can therefore deliver a broad range of products to DAF Trucks. This diversity of activities, quality products, accessibility of DAF employees, and informal working culture ensures a constructive bond between DAF Trucks and De Vries. We hope this partnership will continue for a long time so that we can keep achieving impressive results together.”

Jos de Vries