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Application procedure


Maybe you have already applied or are about to do this. What can you expect from us after you have sent your digital application?

  • If you have applied via the form on our website, you will receive a confirmation mail within a few minutes.

  • We look carefully at your application and strive to contact you within 10 working days. You will be notified by e-mail or by telephone if you are invited for a meeting. In some cases we will first contact you to check some details of your application in advance, for example, your motivation or your salary indication. We do this to manage expectations from both sides. Of course you can also ask your questions during this first contact.

  • The first interview will take place with the hiring manager. Your resume will be discussed, for example whether your skills match the position, but we also use this interview to see whether or not you are a fit within the current team and have a match with our culture. During this interview, you can of course ask questions and see if the position matches your wishes and ambitions.

    Did you apply for a vacancy at DAF Westerlo? In most cases, the first interview will take place with the HR Manager.

  • If the first meeting is satisfying for both parties, a second meeting will be scheduled. Again, the hiring manager will be part of this meeting or the manager of the hiring manager will join. Your second conversation partner will often be a colleague from HR. If you are invited for a second meeting in Westerlo, your interview will be with the hiring manager. In both cases the conversation is meant to dig a little bit deeper and find out more about the function and its responsibilities, your role within the team. Of course we also want to know more about your experiences and skills.

  • What’s next? Usually two interviews are sufficient, but sometimes it is necessary to schedule an extra meeting to see if there is a right match. If both parties are positive, we schedule a conditional interview. We look at your personal situation so that a suitable offer can be made. Of course we would like to welcome you at DAF!

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