DAF Convenient

DAF Convenient

Focus on highest fuel efficiency


The DAF Convenient tractor unit is the result of a project completed in 2016 – supported by the European Commission – with the aim of developing transport solutions that have the potential to provide a significant reduction in fuel consumption. Convenient stands for Complete Vehicle Energy-saving Technologies for Heavy-Trucks (COnVENienT).

The DAF Convenient Innovation Truck is a plug-in parallel hybrid truck, featuring a 120 kW electric motor/generator in combination with the efficient and environmentally friendly PACCAR MX-11 engine.

‘Zero emissions in urban areas’

In urban areas the DAF Convenient is powered by the electric motor, which gets its energy from the lithium-ion battery pack with a current total capacity of 9 kWh, representing a range of three to six kilometres – depending on the conditions – which in daily practice is sufficient to enter and leave city centres to carry out deliveries. Obviously battery capacity and range are scalable. As soon as the truck has left the urban areas, propulsion is provided by the ultra-efficient and clean 10.8 litre PACCAR MX-11 Euro 6 engine. The battery is again recharged by recuperation energy from braking or by the motor/generator operating in charging mode.


One of the unique features of the DAF Convenient Innovation Truck is a highly advanced system which analyses the road ahead to optimise drivetrain performance therefore minimising emissions from the diesel engine. Other innovations include the electrically-driven air conditioning system and the rear axle which manages the oil level in the axle housing to achieve the highest overall efficiency.

Passive and active aerodynamics

The Convenient Innovation Truck is equipped with a number of passive and active aerodynamic features to minimise aerodynamic drag. The grille louvres close automatically based on the expected load of the vehicle – also based on the GPS-position of the truck – for the best possible aerodynamics. Most obvious is the sloping nose, which creates packaging space for future fuel efficiency enhancing technologies as demonstrated in the Innovation truck. These kinds of improved aerodynamics – as well as enhanced fields of vision – will be enabled by the pending new EU Masses and Dimensions regulations. Given the large contribution of this new legislation to even lower CO2 emissions, DAF is calling for the introduction of the new guidelines as quickly as possible.