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Battery Electric Vehicles

Zero-emissions technology for inner-city distribution


Battery-electric trucks produce no exhaust gases during operations, making them the ideal solution for inner-city distribution. DAF's leading position in this area is illustrated by the DAF CF Electric being named Green Truck Logistics Solution 2019.


Leading the way 

Battery Electric Vehicles, or BEV for short – DAF is leading the way in this market. DAF was one of the first truck manufacturers to offer its customers the chance to test electric trucks in the field in order to assess their feasibility. 

The DAF CF Electric is a 4x2 tractor that can operate fully electrically thanks to VDL's E-Power Technology:

  • The key component of the driveline is a 210 kW electric motor
  • Powered by a lithium-ion battery pack with a total capacity of 170 kilowatt hours
  • The CF Electric has a range of approx.100 kilometres.

The first electric 3-axle CF Electric garbage disposal trucks have already been built and delivered for the ‘zero emissions’ collection of waste products in urban areas.


Promising future 

Several cities have already announced their intention to allow only emission-free vehicles into their centres within the next few years in order to improve local air quality. This offers the fully electric truck a very promising future. Transport companies then have no choice but to invest in electric vehicles if they want to continue serving urban centres.

DAF Trucks at Solutrans Exhibition in Lyon


The electric driveline naturally faces a number of challenges too. Electricity is not always generated in a ‘green’ manner and the lcharging equipment is not widely in place yet, while batteries are still heavy and expensive and their capacity limited. However, through smart planning and the batteries frequently, making 300 kilometers per day is realistic for sure within city distribution operations.



“Planning and driving with electric trucks requires a different mindset. You have to ensure that the job fits the truck and not the other way around. For optimal use of the truck it is important that you can recharge the batteries while loading and unloading. The electric truck can be an excellent alternative for urban distribution.”


Eveline Manders
Tinie Manders Transport


Eveline Manders

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