DAF Innovation Trucks

DAF Innovation Trucks

An insight to future technologies


Taking the lead to less CO2

In addition to the usual focus areas in the truck industry - such as reliability, fuel economy, driver comfort and cost per kilometer - there are two major social themes that drive the development of future technologies:
the worldwide reduction of CO2 and the improvement of air quality, especially in urban areas.


In the course of its 90 year heritage DAF has developed many transport innovations, enabling new standards in efficiency, uptime, emissions, safety and driver comfort. Examples include turbo technology which DAF pioneered in the fifties, turbo-intercooling introduced by DAF as an industry-first in the early seventies and the current PACCAR MX-11 and MX-13 drivelines, operating at low engine rpms for industry-leading fuel efficiency and extremely quiet operation. 

In 2015, DAF demonstrated truck platooning. The EcoTwin vehicle system enabled trailing vehicles to automatically follow the lead truck resulting in lower fuel consumption, reduced CO2-emissions and improved traffic flow. Due to EcoTwin’s success, DAF was selected to exclusively participate in English platooning trials in 2017. DAF is engaged with leading European technology development projects to gain comprehensive experience with alternative electric and hybrid power trains.

DAF Ecotwin
DAF EcoTwin

Explores the potential associated with truck platooning.

DAF TelliSys

A study into maximisation of load capacity for lower CO2 emissions per tonne/kilometre.

DAF Convenient
DAF Convenient

This plug-in parallel hybrid truck features a 120 kW electric motor / generator in combination with the efficient and environmentally friendly
PACCAR MX-11 engine.

DAF Ecochamps
DAF Ecochamps

Intended to investigate how the business case of hybrid technology can be made as attractive as possible for operators.

DAF CF Electric

DAF partners with VDL Groep for fully electric CF truck

DAF Trucks is partnering with VDL to release a first series of CF Electric trucks into operation with leading customers in the course of 2018. The vehicles feature state-of-the-art VDL E-Power Technology for zero emissions and ultra-low noise.

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