DAF Connect visual

Big data


DAF Connect is an online fleet management system that monitors, compares and optimises the performance of your fleet and drivers in real time. For maximum efficiency, the lowest possible fuel costs and very favourable CO2 emissions.

Progress is being made at a rapid pace. With DAF Connect it was already possible to plan the best routes and to monitor the fuel consumption of individual trucks and drivers. And recently it has also become possible to read the memory of drivers’ cards and tachometers online with DAF Connect, which saves enormously on time and effort.

The continued growth of big data and Connected Services means that their value will only increase in the future: vehicle warning signals that will be automatically visible back at base, software updates that can be remotely installed, on-the-road maintenance that can be planned efficiently. All highly beneficial, both to your profits and the world we live in. Everything benefits from efficiency.

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