DAF in Action - April 2019

The new issue of DAF in Action offers you many stories from a wide range of transport-related subjects.
Need to know as well as nice to know. There’s a story about the business case for electric and hybrid-electric transport for instance; a background story about the ‘new silk route’ but also a product comparison between a DAF 2800 from the eighties and a brand new XF.
And much, much more. Enjoy DAF in Action!

Double Dutch:

Brian Weatherley compares a DAF 3300 with the New XF.

“DAF First choice is our choice”

…says Blanka Kazdová, commercial director of PolyTrans - transport a logistik from Prague in the Czech Republic.

New Silk Route brings countries together

Roland Verbraak from GVT took animpromptu trip to Chengdu and established a rail connection from Chengdu to Tilburg.

DAF CF Electric

CF Electric and CF Hybrid field testing begins

DAF Trucks is partnering with VDL to release a first series of CF Electric trucks into operation with leading customers in the course of 2018. The vehicles feature state-of-the-art VDL E-Power Technology for zero emissions and ultra-low noise.

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