Production processes


Complying with noise restrictions

The DAF premises in Eindhoven are located on the outskirts of the city. Over the years, new residential neighbourhoods have been built in the surrounding area. As a result, DAF’s environmental permit imposes certain noise restrictions. To comply with these restrictions, DAF has adopted various measures, including quieter cooling and ventilation systems on roofs. In addition, an acoustic assessment is carried out every time we renovate an existing building or construct a new one.


Limiting traffic noise

We also address the traffic situation in and around our Eindhoven facility with a view to reducing noise. In 2016, DAF helped fund the resurfacing of part of the Geldropseweg which borders the factory. Thanks to noise-reducing asphalt, traffic using this stretch of road generates less noise, resulting in a quieter environment for local residents. Noise emissions at the factory have been further reduced through the installation of two low-noise compressors in the boiler room.