HBO stage: Automated Generated Release Notes

Do you want your code to change the future of mobility?

  • Location Eindhoven
  • Organisation Unit Operations
  • Fulltime Fulltime
  • Education level Bachelor
  • Contract type Internship contract

Job description

One of the last steps in releasing software packages is the creation of release notes so our internal customers know what to expect.
As we work with digital scrum boards, all the information reflecting the changes in the software is already available. In the current process, the release engineer manually copies and pastes the information from those digital scrum boards to a release document.
As this process can be error-prone, we would like to automate this process.
This task includes:

  • Identify the wishes of the stakeholders (What do they want to see in our release notes?)
  • Study the software development process to determine which sources can be used to retrieve the information.
  • Propose release notes which addressed the stakeholders requirements and can be used across our different platforms and projects
  • Study the API's of our toolchain to retrieve the required information
  • Implement your proposal and demonstrate your solution meets the requirements

Possible extensions:
  • Hook-up the release notes generation script to our continuous integration environment, so the release notes are created together with the build
  • Alignment with different teams within PACCAR, for example at Kenworth (Kirkland, WA, USA)

Your profile

To flourish as an intern we hope you fulfill the following profile:

def daf_internship_application(self, you: Student):

    while you.reading_internship_application:

        if (

            ("Bachelor" in or "Master" in and

            ("Software Engineering" in you.eduction or 

                "Informatics" in or 

                "Computer Science" in and

            you.languages[0] == Languages.ENGLISH and

            (you.languages[1] == Languages.DUTCH) and

            Skill.OBJECT_ORIENTED_PROGRAMMING in you.skills and 

            Skill.DESIGN_PATTERNS in you.skills and

            Skill.AGILE in you.skills and

            Skill.TEAMPLAYER in you.skills and

            Skill.SELF_ORGANISING in you.skills and

            Skill.PROBLEM_SOLVER in you.skills            


Apply for this awesome internship

            return "I am ready to change the future of mobility"

Are you wondering in which languages we code? That’s mainly Simulink and Python. We are proud of our full Model-Driven Development strategy. Don’t be afraid if you haven’t mastered these languages yet. If you’ve mastered the concept of Object-Oriented Programming, you will be up and running in no time – just like all the engineers and internship students before you.

During the interview, we usually get enthusiastic if you can show us or talk about personal projects you have been working on. For example the app you created or your code on GitHub. We cannot wait to see what interests you most! We will show you how our unique Model-Driven Development strategy looks like, so you can get an impression of your future job.


You will be part of an experienced and dedicated international team in the Platform Development group of DAF Embedded Engineering, that is located in our awesome new office in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
You can read testimonies of our software engineers at and

Embedded Engineering is primarily located in Eindhoven and has an office in Pune, India. Together we have over 140 highly skilled people today. We deliver world-class engineering in the domains of engine controllers and vehicle controllers. Embedded Engineering also works closely together with PACCAR Embedded Engineering located in Renton, near Seattle.
The products developed within Embedded Engineering are applied not only on DAF trucks but also in the famous PACCAR brands Kenworth and Peterbilt. Through component sales, our products are used by leading bus and coach manufacturers.

We offer

  • A view behind the scenes at a large international corporation;
  • You will get a lot of freedom and responsibility. We are open to your initiatives and depending on the assignment you see your results back in the workplace;
  • An experienced coach and supervisor who can teach you a lot and is willing to help you with your assignment;
  • After your graduation, you will have the opportunity to start your career at DAF;
  • An internship wage of € 375,- (HBO) per month on full-time base
  • A travel allowance, if you don’t have a student travel product (provided by the Dutch government);
  • A housing allowance, if you temporarily rent a room near DAF.
Each intern will have the opportunity to participate at the Student Event. During this event you will meet other interns and find out more about DAF/PACCAR!
Would you like to know more about the experiences of other students? Here you can read stories of our former interns.