DAF announces New Generation DAF XB city distribution trucks

State-of-the-art electric drivelines illustrate DAF’s environmental leadership

  • Wednesday, August 23, 2023
  • Eindhoven
  • DAF Trucks N.V.

DAF introduces the New Generation DAF XB trucks, a full series of distribution vehicles in the 7.5 up to 19 tonnes class. The new model series include a comprehensive range of battery electric vehicles to support transport companies in their transition to zero emissions. The new DAF XB combines lowest environmental footprint with class-leading efficiency, safety and comfort.

  • New DAF XB series sets new standard in city and regional distribution 
    - Always a tailor-made solution in the 7.5 – 19 tonnes class
    - Lowest environmental footprint in combination with class-leading efficiency, safety and comfort.
  • Zero emission city distribution
    - 12, 16 and 19 tonnes versions
    - Ranges of up to 350 kilometres
    - Battery charging from 20 – 80% in only 40 to 70 minutes
    - Dedicated sales support, planning advise, training and PACCAR chargers
  • Powerful and efficient PACCAR PX-5 and PX-7 engines
    - 124 kW (170 hp) to 227 kW (310 hp).
    - Peak torque at low engine speeds for down-speeding and class leading fuel efficiency
    - 8-Speed, fully automatic PowerLine transmission
    - Ready for HVO (up to 90% CO2 reduction ‘well-to-wheel’)
  • New standard in safety
    - Full set of ADAS systems
    - Outstanding direct vision
  • New standard in driver comfort
    - High quality Day, Extended Day and Sleeper Cabs
    - Outstanding accessibility
    - New customizable digital display
    - Best-in-class manoeuvrability
  • New DAF XBC for Construction applications
    - High ground clearance of 255 millimetres
    - Excellent approach angle of 25 degrees


With its complete series of entirely new New Generation XD, XF, XG and XG+ trucks for distribution, long haul and vocational applications, DAF has set new standards in efficiency and emissions, safety and driver comfort over the past 18 months. The New Generation XB – including the XBC construction truck – completes DAF’s extensive, multiple award-winning product range.

Zero emission city distribution

DAF was the first European truck manufacturer to offer a range of battery electric trucks to the market and further expanded its environmental leadership with the New Generation XD and XF Electric models.

Now, DAF further enlarges its ‘zero emission’ product offering with the new DAF XB Electric which is perfectly suited for sustainable inner-city and regional distribution. Next to 16 and 19 tonnes versions, a 12 tonnes version with 17.5” wheels and only one entry step is available. Wheelbases start from 4.2 meters.

The e-motor of the XB Electric provides 120 or 190 kW of nominal power depending of the specification and a nominal torque of 950 and 1.850 Nm respectively (2.600 and 3.500 Nm peak). For the lowest possible environmental impact and highest durability, DAF applies a cobalt and magnesium-free, lithium iron phosphate (LFP – Lithium Ferro Phosphate) high energy density battery packs with a gross energy content of 141 up to 282 kWh. These allow XB Electric ranges of up to 350 ultra-quiet and ‘zero emission’ kilometres; more than enough for the needs of urban distribution transport operators.

Fast and slow charging

A special feature of the new DAF XB Electric is the ‘Combined Charging System’. This allows the truck to be charged through the regular electricity network and is ideal when the truck returns to the home base at the end of the day. Rapid charging the batteries (650V DC, 150 kW) from 20% to 80% will only take 40 to 70 minutes, depending on the specification.

To optimally support customers in the transition to zero emission road transport, DAF’s comprehensive offering also includes a broad range of charging solutions, advice on planning of routes and charging, and the provision of dedicated training for drivers to get the best out of their vehicles.

Highly efficient PACCAR engines

Next to the innovative, fully battery electric powertrain, the new DAF XB is available with 4.5 litre 4-cylinder PACCAR PX-5 and 6.7 litre 6-cylinder PACCAR PX-7 engines with outputs from 124 kW (170 hp) to 227 kW (310 hp). Both modern and powerful engines develop peak torque at low engine speeds, supporting down-speeding and class leading fuel efficiency.


124 kW (170 hp)

700 Nm

@1.100 - 1.700 rpm


139 kW (190 hp)

750 Nm

@1.200 - 1.700 rpm


153 kW (210 hp)

800 Nm

@1.300 - 1.700 rpm


167 kW (230 hp)

900 Nm

@ 900 - 1.800 rpm


189 kW (260 hp)

1.000 Nm

@1.000 - 1.700 rpm


212 kW (290 hp)

1.100 Nm

@1.100 – 1.600 rpm


227 kW (310 hp)

1.200 Nm

@1.200 – 1.500 rpm


The PACCAR PX-5 and PX-7 engines are ready for the application of HVO, reducing CO2 emissions with up to 90% (‘well-to-wheel’).

PowerLine automatic gearboxes

The DAF XB with PX-5 and PX-7 engines are offered in combination with a 8-speed, fully automatic PowerLine transmission, which offers optimal gear spread and steps. Powershifting without any torque interruption enables smooth shifts and quick throttle response, resulting in outstanding comfort and driveability. In addition, the transmission provides excellent low speed manoeuvrability thanks to the urge-to-move feature upon releasing the brake pedal.

6- and 9-speed manual transmissions are also available for the DAF XB series, while fully automatic Allison gearboxes can be ordered for special applications.


Best-in-class vehicle efficiency is also realized through the extensive range of wheelbases (up to 6.9 metres) and chassis lengths, allowing over 9 metres superstructures. This ensures the best vehicle configuration for the job. Low kerb weights result in highest payloads for optimal return per kilometre. In addition, the chassis of the XB series features a new grid pattern for excellent bodybuilder-friendliness. New are pre-defined chassis lay-outs with repositioned fuel tanks, exhaust systems, batteries and air tanks, specifically meant for road sweepers and tippers.

New standard in safety

The new DAF XB distribution truck is available with a suite of advanced driver assistance systems for class leading safety and driver comfort.

The AEBS system (Advanced Emergency Braking System) is equipped with both a radar and a camera, signalling vulnerable road users in front of the vehicle (Drive-off Assist). The Event Data Recorder records images and data when the AEBS brake warning is activated and the DAF Turn Assist warns in case cyclists are in the vehicles’ blind spots. The new DAF Drowsiness Detection assesses the driver’s alertness and warns when a break is needed.

Furthermore, each XB comes with Speed Limit Recognition that informs the driver about actual speed limits, while the passive Lane Change Assist helps to avoid dangerous manoeuvres by warning for potentially unintended lane changes.

Outstanding direct vision is realized by the low cab positioning, the large windscreen and side windows and their low window belt lines. As an option, a Kerb View Window is available for an unobstructed view on other road users on the co-driver’s side. The slim design of the new mirrors allow for the perfect combination of direct and indirect view.                                   

New standard in driver comfort

With the XB, DAF once again proves its excellent reputation for manufacturing trucks that are also the driver’s favourite. The comfortable Day, Extended Day and Sleeper Cabs all have perfectly positioned entry steps, wide-opening doors and a low cab position for outstanding accessibility. The comfortable seats feature the same soft-woven upholstery as the DAF XD, XF, XG and XG+ trucks, with which the New Generation XB also shares the high level of fit and finish, the new steering wheel and the eye-catching 12-inch digital display on the dashboard. It shows all vehicle-related information at a glance and it configurable to the driver’s preference.

In addition, the new XB is a joy to drive. Thanks to the spacious yet compact cab design and the unique manoeuvrability and small turning circle, DAF’s new distribution is extremely agile, which is very important in dense city areas.

XBC for Construction applications

Alongside the XB series for on-road applications, DAF is also introducing the XBC series, which excels when the going gets tough, for example in the construction segment. The XBC has a 19-tonne chassis and features a high ground clearance of 255 millimetres, a large approach angle of 25 degrees, a steel front radiator plate to protect the engine bay and a sturdy lava-grey steel bumper.

The new DAF XB series – which will enter production in the fourth quarter of 2023 – represents a new series of class-leading distribution trucks, offering a tailor-made solution for all urban and regional applications. The range includes ultra-modern ‘zero emission’ electric powertrains, demonstrating DAF’s environmental leadership. Together with the new standards in efficiency, safety and driver comfort, the DAF XB series is ready for the livable city.



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