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  • Friday, July 14, 2023
  • Eindhoven
  • DAF Trucks N.V.

DAF LF Electric successfully completes EV Rally 2023

Team DAF-Cenex finishes trail of nearly 2.000 electric kilometres

Long routes. Shorter distances. Urban areas. Highways and hilly terrain. The DAF LF Electric once again proved its operational excellence and reliability during the almost 2,000 kilometre EV Rally 2023 around the UK and Ireland. DAF Trucks has just successfully completed this 5-day trail together with Cenex, a UK-based technology organization for sustainable transport research.

The DAF LF Electric has completed the EV Rally 2023, clocking nearly 2.000 electric kilometres

The EV Rally started in Cardiff, the capital of Wales. First stop was London, followed by Edinburgh (Scotland) and Belfast (Northern Ireland). The finish line was set in the Irish capital of Dublin.

The event was designed to demonstrate the capabilities of fully electric vehicles (EVs) and clean energy projects. The rally-organization also wanted to highlight the importance of publicly accessible charging infrastructure that can accommodate larger electric vehicles, including trucks such as the DAF LF, XD and XF Electric with ranges of up to 500 kilometres on a single charge.

20 DAF LF Electric trucks

The DAF-Cenex team's 19-tonne LF Electric was seconded from the Battery Electric Truck Trial (BETT) – an 18-month fact-finding study from the UK government into the efficacy of EVs in daily operation. The BETT comprises 20 DAF LF electric vehicles now in service.

‘Boost charging infrastructure’

“This event proved the outstanding capability of our LF Electric truck”, said Adam Bennett, EV & Sustainability Manager at DAF Trucks UK. “DAF is ready for zero emissions transport. The event also highlighted the clear and present need for dedicated infrastructure for larger vehicles across Europe. Minor adaptations to existing car charging points would be a good first step in improving access for trucks. But only a dedicated infrastructure for trucks will have the desired impact on the adoption of EVs by operators. We have shown that our trucks are ready! It is now time for the authorities all around Europe to boost the charging infrastructure.”

About the DAF LF Electric

The DAF LF Electric has a 260 kW (370 kW peak capacity) electric motor that is powered by a 282 kWh (252 kWh effective) cobalt and magnesium-free lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery. This gives the LF Electric a range of up to 280 kilometres, which is more than enough to serve the daily routes typically used for inner-city distribution.


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