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DAF City Turn Assist increases road safety in the city

Ex-factory option available for ordering now

To increase the safety for vulnerable road users of distribution operations in towns and cities, DAF Trucks is to introduce its ‘DAF City Turn Assist’ on the 4x2 FT and 6x2 FTP tractor units as an ex-factory option. This blind spot monitor is available for ordering now. The DAF City Turn Assist is also being offered as an aftermarket solution.

DAF Trucks is to introduce its ‘DAF City Turn Assist’ as an ex-factory option on 4x2 and 6x2 tractors to increase the safety of distribution operations in towns and cities.

DAF’s City Turn Assist is a safety feature designed to alert drivers with visual and audible warnings when other road users – from pedestrians and bikes to cars and motorcycles – are in the co-driver’s side blind zone. The monitoring system not only warns at lower speeds during inner-city driving, but also detects other road users in an adjacent lane when changing lane or merging with traffic at higher speeds.

The DAF City Turn Assist uses radar technology to ensure optimal object detection, even in poor visibility conditions. On the co-driver side, a single, short range radar unit is mounted on or near the rear mudguard. Its rugged design is developed to operate under the toughest conditions.

Warnings are shown via a strategically placed LED display, positioned on the A-pillar at the co-driver side, close to the side mirror. When the right-hand direction indicator is activated, audible alerts may also be given. The ex-factory DAF City Turn Assist provides installation of the complete system (radar unit, display and wiring harnesses).

The DAF City Turn Assist is offered as an option on left-hand-drive Euro 6 4x2 FT and 6x2 FTP tractor units with MX-11 and MX-13 engines, as well as on the CF Electric. For right-hand-drive CF and XF models, DAF already offers optional camera and sensor systems designed to help protect vulnerable road users to meet market and legislative requirements in the UK and Ireland.


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