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100000th DAF MultiSupport contract

100,000th service contract for suez recycling and recovery

Popularity of DAF MultiSupport doubled

  • Monday, May 2, 2016
  • Eindhoven

Sales of DAF MultiSupport repair and maintenance contracts have doubled since 2014. At present, more than 40% of all trucks leave the factory under this type of tailor-made service contract, which provides the owner maximum security up front in terms of costs per kilometre. The 100,000th DAF MultiSupport contract was signed by the pan European operating SUEZ Recycling and Recovery for a DAF CF 400 8x2 FAQ, which will be used to empty subterranean waste containers.


Picture: Richard Zink (DAF Trucks), Andy van Nisselrooij (SUEZ), Eelco van Veen (DAF Trucks) and Albert Florijn (DAF Trucks) witnessed Richard Bierhuizen (SUEZ) signing the 100,000th DAF MultiSupport repair & maintenance contract. 

With a DAF MultiSupport repair and maintenance contract, hauliers can choose the service level and the contractual term, with an option to even extend the scope of the contract to include (semi-) trailers and superstructures. Furthermore, the DAF dealer takes over maintenance planning and administration, thereby enabling hauliers to concentrate on their core business.

Fixed price, maximum vehicle availability

Thanks to a DAF MultiSupport repair and maintenance contract, hauliers are assured of a perfectly-maintained fleet and therefore, maximum vehicle availability at a fixed price per kilometre. DAF MultiSupport features six service packages, varying from preventive maintenance right up to all conceivable repair and maintenance services. SUEZ Recycling and Recovery has chosen DAF MultiSupport Full Care contracts as standard for its DAF fleet, which comprises 360 trucks.

“Focus on core business thanks to DAF MultiSupport”

Andy van Nisselrooij, Senior Buyer at SUEZ: “Our most important criteria when purchasing vehicles are functionality, safety and ‘total costs of ownership’. Incorporating repair and maintenance into the purchase gives us a good idea as to the overall costs. This means that the trucks will be well-maintained in the long term and guarantees maximum deployability. DAF Multisupport enables us to get on with our core business: smart waste management, as well as converting that waste into new raw materials so as not to exhaust our planet’s resources.”

For any business

Albert Florijn, Director of Commercial Services at DAF Trucks: “Our customers are less and less willing to get bogged down in the management of their vehicles. A truck is something that just has to be there: maximum uptime with minimum effort at a fixed, low price per kilometre. DAF MultiSupport is the answer to this, thereby serving as a great example of DAF Transport Efficiency. And because a DAF MultiSupport repair and maintenance contract is always tailor-made, we have the right service contract for any business – however big or small.”

Rutger Kerstiens

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