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Doing good together feels good

DAF colleagues together for local goals


What is DAF Helpende Handen?

Together at DAF we make beautiful trucks and provide great services. But wouldn’t it be great if we also contributed to a better world around us together, as colleagues? That’s possible from now on! DAF Helpende Handen supports local causes, proposed by you. This support can consist of financial aid, goods or voluntary work. For this reason we will organize various activities throughout the year.


What causes does the foundation support?

DAF Helpende Handen supports local causes in the Eindhoven Brainport region. Goals that make life a bit more beautiful for others. Social and educational institutions and welfare organizations. Support that can make a difference. And every DAF colleague can submit proposals for this.


Financial support

We support local causes with, among other things, financial donations. Not to fill the cash register, but to make a concrete purchase that can make a difference. Do you want to support a local organization as a DAF colleague? Let us know.

Do you want to make a one-time donation? Scan the QR code or click here.

one time donation


Support with goods

DAF Helpende Handen will hold regular collections for local causes. Think of winter coats for the less fortunate and toys for the Toy Bank. Do you have a good idea to organize a collection for a local cause as a DAF colleague? Let us know!

Volunteer work

Volunteering yields much more than just doing good for someone else. You also learn something from it together with your colleagues. And that gives a good feeling at the end of the day.


Roll up your sleeves

By rolling up our sleeves together, we really make a difference for the local community in one day. You immediately see the effect of the work. And you also get to know your colleagues in a different way. Also, working on a DAF Helpende Handen project doesn't cost you a free day.

Pro Bono Volunteering

Using your expertise for a local organization, the so-called Pro Bono voluntary work, is an interesting change from a normal working day. You help with your knowledge and skills and enrich yourself in the meantime. A win-win situation. Interested? Let us know that we can call on your DAF expertise if there is an opportunity to do so.



Contact information


Foundation DAF Helpende Handen

Name: Stichting DAF Helpende Handen
RSIN: 865285640 (ANBI status since 30-05-2023)
Chamber of Commerce: 90348028
Bank: NL49 RABO 0368 0293 95
Establishment: 30th of May 2023
E-mail: dafehv.helpendehanden@daftrucks.com 
Phone: +31 (0)40 214 4191
Address:  PO Box 90065 | 5600PT Eindhoven