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Maroan Bouadli

Corporate recruiter & Campus recruiter


"Every person counts within
the DAF organization."


After Maroan finished school, he decided to start working immediately. He held various HR positions within different organizations until he wanted to gain more knowledge. He started studying Human Resources Management at Fontys. At that time he also came into contact with DAF. He applied for a vacancy at the HR Service Desk, the start of his career at DAF. 

Career at DAF

Maroan worked for more than 5 years at the HR Service Desk. In addition to a number of generic tasks, he was responsible for planning and organizing all education and training facilitated within DAF.

“I am fortunate that this brings me into contact with colleagues from across the organization. I have noticed that within DAF it is easy to get in touch with colleagues and talk about something. This could be about work, but also about you as a person.

The reason Maroan started his career at DAF, were the career opportunities DAF offers. It is important to keep challenging yourself, it is good to take a new step after a couple of years. That step can be upwards, but also sideways.

He himself has made the step towards Recruitment. In this role he is responsible for Campus Recruitment, where he guides interns and graduates from start to finish. In addition to being a Campus Recruiter, he is also a Corporate Recruiter for the Product Development department.

So students if you read my story:

Are you still looking for an internship? Then look at Vacancies - DAF Trucks N.V.

There are so many disciplines within DAF, such as Marketing & Sales, Logistics, HR, Operations, etc. etc. that you can continue with in your development. You are part of a team, and you contribute to the success of a tangible product that you see every day.

Maroan Bouadli-Arfaoui