Maik van Vugt

Maik van Vugt

Commodity Manager


"To me DAF is the perfect learning environment." 

“I have always been fascinated by the automotive industry,” says Maik van Vugt, Commodity Manager at DAF. “When I was in my last year at college what I really wanted was to have a look behind the scenes at a large technical firm, so I figured it would be interesting to find out if there was a way I could do my final project at DAF.” Maik continues: “I ended up at Logistics Operations, in the Logistics Innovation department, and immediately knew that this was a place where I could learn an awful lot. The head of the department is, in my opinion, an expert in the field of logistics. It was the perfect spot to expand my knowledge and a really interesting way to conclude my studies. After I graduated I first went back-packing for a while. When a position became vacant in the team I was still abroad travelling. But my first thought was: this is my chance!”


Time for a next step
Maik has been working at DAF for quite some years. After several years in the position of Logistics Engineer, Maik has recently made the switch to the position of Commodity Manager. A switch from Operations to the Purchasing department. "After three years, it was time for something new," says Maik. "I wanted to get in touch with another part of the company. Further, I wanted to develop my soft skills more. Because you have to deal with mutual and sometimes conflicting interests as a Commodity Manager, it is very instructive to still solve the problem with a supplier.

"Together with my supervisor, I regularly look at how we can make the best progress, both strategically and tactically. It is very nice that both my supervisor and the Purchasing Director make time to discuss various issues. And just as in my previous role, I have also quickly gained a lot of confidence here, which is characteristic to DAF. That is why I will soon leave for a couple of meetings in Mexico and Columbus, to sit around the table with suppliers. "

DAF Network
In addition to his position, Maik is also the chairman of DAF Network. DAF Network’s mission is to build bridges between the various departments and divisions within the DAF organisation. They do so by organising events like training programmes, company tours and interview sessions. It gives employees from different departments the opportunity to interact with each other. “That’s one of the things I like most about my job at DAF: when you show that you are eager to develop and do more, the opportunities are endless."

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