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Jing Li widescreen
DAF XF Euro 6

"One of the most challenging parts about my work is to think outside the box and tackle the problem from different perspectives."

Jing Li - Market Intelligence Specialist

How do new technologies, like the electrification of our trucks, impact the sales of our truck parts?  As a Market Intelligence Specialist Jing Li tries to find an answer to those questions. “I take a look at the industry trends, analyze the data and provide insights on the analysis to the related sales units and management teams. It is important that you can understand the question, collect information and data from multiple sources, and conduct a good analysis. It is also vital to explain the findings in a way that you give practical insights to the people from the business who came up with the question.” 

Working at DAF
“I was approached via LinkedIn and was interested right away,” Jing Li explains. “The job opportunity was in line with the work I did for my PhD at the TU/e and I knew DAF, because it is a renowned company in the Brainport region. I find the automotive industry quite interesting, because there are many developments going on. One of the most challenging parts about my work is to think outside the box and to tackle the problem from different angles. We try to find the most effective and efficient way for the different questions to encounter.”

I have a very positive experience with working at DAF. People here are very open-minded and like to (or even eager to) share their knowledge. The within and cross-department cooperation are encouraged. DAF is increasingly focusing on promoting diversity, get the people with different backgrounds better involved and integrated, and provide a lot of supports to international employees.  Such a culture helps me integrate and grow further in the company.”

Differences in cultures

“I think that the most different thing is that here in the Netherlands, people are quite direct with their opinions. They like to put everything on the table. In the beginning I wasn’t used to this. Now, I have get used to and like it a lot. You don’t need to guess what is going on so things can work in a very efficient way. One culture is not better than another culture. But you need to accept the differences, understand how people are thinking and get yourself involved. If you understand the culture of the country you are going to – for study or work - , you can benefit from both the local and your own cultures. Both sides can give you very good knowledge and insights and can help you to view your work from different angles and perspectives.”

Jing Li