"You are encouraged to come up with out-of-the box solutions."

Jessica Verhoijsen
Demand Planner / Managed Dealer Inventory Analyst

Jessica first came into contact with DAF on a company visit during the first year of her studies, and she found it impressive to see how people and machines work together to produce the complete truck that rolls off the assembly line. She currently works as a Demand Planner and Managed Dealer Inventory Analyst at PACCAR Parts, a part of DAF that focuses, among other things, on selling truck parts to dealers.  

"After completing my studies in Operations Management & Logistics, I started working as a Demand Planner. Together with my colleagues, I am responsible for the stock of all warehouses in Europe. The stock levels need to be able to meet dealer demands, but there also shouldn't be too much stock, otherwise there's a risk of stock becoming obsolete.

For several months now I have been combining this role with working as a MDI (Managed Dealer Inventory) Analyst. This role approaches the issue from the other side, i.e. the stock held by the customer, the dealer."

What does your work day look like?
"Every day and every week is different. Of course, there are a number of standard tasks, such as supplying reports, and you conduct a lot of analyses. What stock is surplus or obsolete? And how, for example, can we use sales promotions to prevent stock from becoming obsolete? In addition, you work on a variety of different projects.

Can you give an example of a project?
"One example of a project is related to the launch of the new truck. This resulted in lots of new parts, but there is no room to store them in the warehouse. To create space, you need to see how we can work more efficiently. You take a practical look at if we can tidy up or if there are any parts that we can say goodbye to, for example. This really encourages you to come up with new ideas and out-of-the box solutions. I was very pleased about that."

What do you like about working at DAF?
"DAF really looks at what you want in a job. I said that I wanted to broaden my role, and that is why I now have a combined role of Demand Planner and MDI Analyst."

"More than that, DAF is a large company where a lot of people work together to continually produce amazing results. We will continue to continuously improve, both as a company and as people."