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Anique van de Ven widescreen

"If you want to develop yourself further, DAF will look at the possibilities with you."

Jan Willems | Production Engineer Engine Factory

“What I like about my job is that it is unpredictable. You never know whether you will achieve the plan you have in mind at the beginning of the day. I mean that in a positive way. The variety and satisfaction that you get when you have solved a malfunction or problem at the end of the day, ensures that I still enjoy this job," says Jan.  

Jan is Production Engineer at the Engine Plant. He started at DAF in the Engine Test Center, but there he missed the feeling with the total product. After a few years he made the switch to the role of Production Engineer. First in a role that is responsible for supporting the running business, or in other words keeping the line running. Because of course it should stand still as little as possible. Now he is responsible for various projects.

New projects and personal development
Jan currently works in a Simultaneous Engineering team: a multidisciplinary group with colleagues from Product Development and Purchasing, among others. ‘For example, we are setting up a completely new line for the electric truck. That's a real challenge, because it's a completely new line,' explains Jan. 'All the processes have to be mapped out, and in the end everything has to connect seamlessly with the other plants.'

'For me, this step came at the right time. It was time for something new. I also explained this to my supervisor. If you tell them that you want to develop yourself further, then this is immediately taken up and new opportunities are considered. I am still working as a Production Engineer, but with a different scope, where I focus more on projects. In my case I continued to work within the same factory, but because all disciplines are located on the same site you can really go in the direction you want to pursue your career.’

Anique van de Ven