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"The installations that you put in place with your team will really come to life."

Claudine Pieters | Production Engineer Projects

After her degree, Claudine was looking for a job where she could apply her drive to improve production processes, but she was also looking for a job that offered enough variety. She found her calling in her work in Production Engineer Projects. "I haven't been bored here once yet", Claudine tells us. "I don't just sit at my laptop; I regularly walk around the floor to discuss matters with colleagues".


What do you do in Production Engineer Projects?
"I am responsible for larger investment projects at the engine factory. This can be projects where an installation needs to be completely replaced or where smaller improvements are being made to installations, such as making adjustments to machines to increase production numbers".

How do you approach this?
"We first map the process and the installation. I do this together with colleagues across all kinds of departments such as operators, supervisors, mechanical engineers and logistics colleagues. Together with the project team, I look at the causes; what needs to be improved and what solutions are applicable. Once the project is approved, we will map out the technical specifications and we will work with our colleagues in purchasing to find the best supplier".

"We are closely involved in the development of the machine and therefore have a lot of contact with the supplier. In Production Engineer Projects, you bring the installation into production and support it until everything works well. Then you hand it over to an Area Production Engineer, who is responsible for the running business and keeps the line going".

Which project are you most proud of?
"I am currently working on a project within the internal assembly. We are working to optimise the entire production line so we can achieve higher production numbers. It is a large project with a lot of small sub-projects, and in many cases the core question is: What can we do differently and smarter? The change of thinking in this project has already produced many good results ".

What do you like best about your work?
"That the work is not predictable. The division is pretty equal: half the time you are in meetings and the other time is spent in production. What I found very remarkable when I had just started working here was that many people have been here for a very long time, which says a lot about a company. What's more, I really enjoy working with the colleagues closest to me. I've felt welcome here from the first moment and no-one finds it too much trouble to explain things and help you".

"One of the most fun things, I find, is that your work will become something tangible. The installations that you put in place with your team will really come to life. Often you work on a project for a long time and are heavily involved in building an installation. Once it's in place, it's something you and your team can be proud of".

Anique van de Ven