"Together we are DAF"

Aida Diaz Luque, 
Program Manager Open & Inclusive Culture

In 2023, Aida Diaz Luque enthusiastically started her new job at DAF: Program Manager Open & Inclusive Culture. A new position for her, a new position for DAF.

Who is she, what drives her? 

"I love people and especially helping and connecting people". She has done refugee work, helped expats and their partners find fulfillment in their lives and at DAF, through Warm Welcome International, she support foreign colleagues to find their way around the Netherlands. Aida has worked in London and knew what it is like to live in a country that is foreign to you."

What will she be doing?

The position of Program Manager Open & Inclusive Culture is both new to DAF and to Aida. "This is my dream job," she says. "It's quite a challenge, but I'm taking it with both hands. I want to break down barriers, foster collaboration and contribute to creating a culture where the unique talents of DAF colleagues can emerge to their fullest potential. There are many aspects to creating a work environment where everyone feels valued, respected and at home. Of course you are talking about inclusion, say 'belonging,' but it also includes topics such as social safety."


Since she started, Aida has been able to add several concrete activities to her list. For example, she has taken over the chairmanship of the Diversity Council and was closely involved in the organization of the 'Open & Inclusive Week'. A week full of activities; various workshops were organized and the Diversity Award was presented. And don't forget the opening of two rainbow paths. "The colors symbolize that everyone should be able to feel at home within DAF, regardless of your origin, religion, age, background or whatever," 

A lot is already happening and there is still a lot to do.