Analytics Fair

"Our intention was to bring all the data analytics projects to the surface."

Much has been said about the promises and potential of data. But how is it integrated in a large company like DAF? A group of employees from different sectors joined forces and organized the Analytics Fair. Here, employees from the whole organization explained more about their data projects. Carlo, Myrthe and Onur were part of the project team and made sure that more colleagues are aware of data within DAF.

The analytics fair
“Data is essential to survival, especially within a few years,” says Carlo. “Software is becoming more and more a service and plays in our industry an important role in, for example, automated driving or optimization of routes for fuel consumption.”

“Our intention was to bring all the data analytics projects to the surface,” adds Onur. “DAF is a large organization and we are not only manufacturing trucks, but we are also working on software and services. Colleagues from different departments and different backgrounds are using data. That’s why we’ve organized a fair, to bring all the data savvy people together and show them what’s going on in the company. There were some nice discussions going. I think that everyone who visited the fair learned something new or got a new contact.”

Besides the fair, the project team also invited several external companies to share their best practices and innovations. According to Myrthe the available seats were sold out in a day. “We had limited places available, but all the people who couldn’t attend the real life presentations had the possibility to join the presentation via a live stream.”

Pioneering and learning
It’s one of the benefits to work at DAF: Getting the opportunity to take initiative, like organizing events like this. “If you have ambitions, this is the place to be. They will help you grow into a data scientist. For example, soon I will start with a special master program for data science,” says Myrthe.

On the other hand, you should not expect a structured layout and clear roadmap regarding this topics. Onur explains: “Don’t expect that everything will be arranged for you. You need to do a lot of things yourself and due to all the technological innovations and developments, you are doing interdisciplinary projects quickly, with fast results. And for me, these are the things that make me like my job.”

Carlo can confirm that: “There are definitely some steps we need to make, which means there are a whole lot of opportunities. They will let you learn and try, but you definitely need to act as a pioneer.”

Analytics Fair Onur, Myrthe and Carlo