Product life cycle


Recycling policy

DAF takes account of the environmental impact of trucks during their disposal. Since 2002, DAF has had a recycling policy based on our overall Environmental Policy and the European Directive on End of Life Vehicles. These policies ensure that opportunities for re-use and recycling are part of our product development process. In addition, when assessing the environmental effects of materials, we take the entire life cycle into account. As a result, more than 90% of all materials in a DAF truck can be re-used once it reaches the end of its operational life. 


Sorting guides for plastics

DAF promotes the re-use of materials through innovative designs and by providing correct information. Plastics are increasingly used in commercial designs, but there is growing concern about the impact of plastics on the environment. Because plastic parts can be easily recycled as long as they are clearly identified, all plastic parts used in our trucks have a separate code that indicates the type of plastic they are made of. Our sorting guides inform dealers and customers of the types of plastic used in each vehicle type. 

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Overhaul of parts

DAF has been recycling components since 1970. At our Eindhoven factory, over 40,000 parts per year are overhauled and supplied for re-use. These parts include starter motors, fuel pumps, gearboxes and even complete engines. These re-used parts are similar in quality to new parts. They are literally as good as new.