CO2 certificate thanks to Vecto

As a leading player in the areas of transport efficiency and environmental protection, DAF had already anticipated European legislation requiring trucks to be in possession of a so-called CO2 certificate the moment they leave the factory.


As of January 2019, European legislation dictates that all newly delivered 4x2 and 6x2 Euro 6 trucks in the heavy segment (16+ tons) must come with a COemissions certificate. Other vehicle configurations will follow in 2030. These emission certificates are generated using the uniform, standardised and certified Vecto tool. It allows hauliers to compare the CO2 emissions of various truck models and brands.

Thanks to Vecto, your DAF dealer can provide you with information about the CO2 emissions of your future truck before you decide to purchase it. For maximum clarity and transparency.
DAF Euro 6 model range

Euro 6: from A to D

Since 31 December 2013, all new trucks registered in the European Union must meet Euro 6 emissions standards. Compared with the Euro 5 standard, the maximum level for NOx emissions has been reduced by a massive 80% to 0.4g/kWh, while the maximum for fine particles has been cut by 50% to 0.01 g/kWh. Furthermore, these strict standards must be met under an increasingly wider set of circumstances.


As a result, today’s Euro 6 truck is even better for the environment than the exact same truck built in 2014 or 2015. This is because trucks are having to comply with the standards under more and more circumstances as time goes by and within the Euro 6 range trucks are now graded from A to D.

The D versions are the most recent and they meet the Euro 6 standards under almost all circumstances: while warming up the engine, for example, or at higher altitudes. In other words: the more recent the truck, the more likely it is to comply with the strictest standards.