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XD 340 FAG

XD 340 FAG 01
XD 340 FAG 02


XD 340 FAG (6x2)

 Cab type:

Day Cab


MX-11, 10.8 litres, Euro 6

 Max. power: 

251 kW/341 hp at 1675 rpm

 Max. torque:   

1650 Nm at 900-1400 rpm (Multi-Torque)
1550 Nm at 850-1500 rpm


TraXon 12 speed 12TX1810,
12.92 – 0.77, with Stop & Go

 Rear axle ratio:



 4.80 meter

 Front axle:

163N, 8 tonnes, parabolic suspension

 Leading axle: 

8 tonnes, 2 bellow air suspension, steered

 Rear axle: 

SR1347, 11.5 tonnes, 4 bellow



385/55R22,5 (front axle)
315/70R22,5 (leading and rear axle)

 Suspension cab:


 Fuel tank: 

340 litres

 Tank for AdBlue®:

45 litres

 Vehicle driving mode:

Eco Fuel


Geesink garbage collector

 Technical GVM: 

 27 tonnes


Comfort options:

  • MX Engine Brake
  • Cab Climate Control
  • DAF Infotainment System: Exclusive
  • Exclusive speakers
  • Cab interior decoration: Argenta
  • Cab interior lighting: Luxury
  • Wireless charger
  • Driver seat: Super Air
  • Co driver seat: Cinema with table

Safety options:

  • DAF Corner View
  • Dashboard execution: Vision
  • Kerb View Window
  • City Turn Assist
  • Airbag

Efficiency options:

  • Front execution: Robust
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring
  • Axle Load Monitoring
  • Battery Energy Monitoring
  • Alcoa Dura Bright aluminum wheels
  • DAF Connect