Wout Cobussen

Wout Cobussen

Assistant Quality Manager


"Together we try to find the best solutions."

At DAF we strive for quality and reliability. That is why the Quality department plays an important role within DAF. And although Assistant Quality Manager Wout Cobussen soon will start with a new challenge, he still explains with great enthusiasm more about his current role.

"I like my job to be a bit hectic," Wout begins. "I think that's one of the nice things about my job. I supervise projects and see which (heavy) issues occur during the day. I sort out what exactly is going on and I make decisions to ensure that we continue to build a good quality truck. By having a lot of contact with other departments and colleagues, we try to find the best solutions together. In this way, we strive for a process that is so good that no mistakes will be made.

The Quality department has undergone a major change in recent years. Wout says: "The assumption that Quality is the one who is always finger pointing has definitely changed. We are now really part of the production. This awareness ensures that we can help the operators further and make the products even better."

More possibilities then expected
During his studies, Wout already worked as a material planner at DAF , so it was logical to start his career in this position. "I just left school and did not know exactly what I wanted or could do. So when I could stay here after my studies, I thought why not?" Wout tells. "There is a lot to discover here, that is the beauty of DAF. There are many opportunities, also at other departments. When you start here, you are not at your end destination. For example, there are many colleagues who made a career switch from Operations to Purchasing or vice versa. The open door culture and the easy access to each other certainly helps."

Taking action
Wout is on the verge of taking his next step in his career. In recent years, he has discussed his ambitions with his supervisor. Soon he will return to a logistics role as Materials Manager for the truck factory, where he get the opportunity to be part of a management team. Wout explains: "This is typical for DAF, you will have to take action yourself. There are no standard career paths that show you a mapped out career. But if you are open to something, you start the conversation and see how you can work towards your goals together with your manager."

Wout Cobussen