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Roy & Jeffrey Vossen widescreen

Roy en Jeffrey Vossen


Given the wide range of positions at DAF and the fact that the company started out as a family business, it is no wonder that many members of the same families are employed at the organisation. Jeffrey and Roy Vossen both work for DAF. What is it like to work together with your brother at DAF? Find out here. 

Jeffrey Vossen has been working for the past few months as a Production Engineer at DAF. His brother, Roy Vossen, has been employed by DAF as a Test Engineer for many years already and recently spotted a vacancy for a Production Engineer position on the firm’s intranet. He knew his brother was the perfect candidate for the job and so he informed the Recruitment department, telling them that his brother was looking  to take the next step in his career.

“Jeffrey was looking for a new job, one that would help him to develop further,” says Roy. “When I saw the vacancy for a job as Production Engineer, I knew it would be perfect for him because he is an extremely committed worker and always prepared to learn new things. So I told Jeffrey about the position. It was also a good move on my part because, in addition to the fact that it’s nice to work with your brother at the same firm, I also earned a nice bonus”, explains Roy. “Jeffrey applied via the referral recruitment rule by which you can refer someone from your network to the Recruitment department. If the candidate is successful in gaining employment at DAF, you are rewarded with a nice bonus.”

Jeffrey takes up the story: “The vacancy that Roy sent me matched well with my previous experience. I was looking for a new challenge, to take the next step in my career. Of course, I already knew a lot about DAF through what Roy had told me about the organisation. And I had already gotten a taste of the place myself by attending the DAF Family Day on a number of occasions.”

Close-knit team           
The two brothers live close to each other and carpool every day to get to work. “However, we never see each other at work,” says Jeffrey. “No, we don’t see each other during our daily routines on the work floor,” Roy adds. “But when we’re driving to or from work we often discuss our day with each other. I’d say it’s more difficult, however, to separate the private from the professional when you are both working at the same department.” Despite the fact that they share a car every working day, the brothers also spend a lot of their free time together, too. They have a typically strong brotherly connection. “We like fixing stuff together, for example. Roy is usually the one who comes up with the plan, but we form a close-knit team when we work together,” says Jeffrey. 

Great atmosphere       
Even though Jeffrey has only been working for DAF for a couple of months, he is already very impressed with his new employer. “The atmosphere at DAF is great. You get to work together in a real team,” he explains. Each morning we have a meeting to discuss the day’s work. Everyone is very committed and eager to learn. And people are extremely helpful, too. If I get stuck with some problem  or other, there is always a colleague who is willing to help out.” Roy agrees: “The atmosphere at work is terrific. We are a close-knit team and we get an awful lot done together. It is easy to be proud of what you do when you work with people who are committed to their profession and who want nothing more than to turn out excellent products.”

Roy & Jeffrey Vossen