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Isabell van Kessel

Manager ITD Application Support


“As a project manager you get to work on specific assignments with clear objectives.”


Isabell van Kessel studied Technological and Political Culture at the University of Maastricht. She has being working at the IT department at DAF for the past 5 years. At first on a temporary basis but soon thereafter on a permanent contract. “I used to work as an IT consultant for an organization that provided quality management services to businesses,” says Isabell. ‘That’s how I ended up doing an IT test management study on a purchasing project at DAF. The project needed a greater degree of management and so I jumped at the opportunity to get some experience in a project management role.’ Isabell quickly proved her ability by bringing the IT project to a successful conclusion, partly thanks to her strong sense of responsibility. She continues: ‘I really enjoyed that time at DAF and even managed to build up a substantial network within the firm. So I was naturally very enthusiastic when I was offered the position of IT Project Manager After Sales at DAF and that’s how I came to work for the company.’

Isabell: ‘As a project manager you get to work on specific assignments with clear objectives. Each and every activity is aimed at achieving that final goal: added value for the (internal) customer. I recently developed a new application with a new group of people. My role as project manager involves building bridges. I am always proud when I manage to turn a project team into a real team. A project team is much more than a clutch of IT experts. What make my role as project manager extra satisfying is the twinkle I see in the eyes of different team members when they become enthusiastic about what we are creating together. But I am only ever completely satisfied when the customer is satisfied, too.’


Currently, Isabell holds the role of Manager ITD PD Application Support. She is in charge of a team of 10 IT professionals. Together with her team she is responsible for keeping the application landscape at Product Development operational. ‘It is a completely different role to the one I had as Project Manager,’ explains Isabell. ‘My work consists primarily of managing my colleagues and making sure that they are ready to assist their client—the departments within DAF Product Development—at all times. It goes without saying that this involves providing support to various projects and upgrading systems on a continuous basis.’


Isabell: ‘I really believe that when you do your best and are prepared to go that extra mile you can achieve a lot in your career. Certainly at DAF. DAF is a terrific and really interesting company that offers plenty of career opportunities. But you have to take those opportunities yourself.’

Isabell van Kessel