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Mariska de Greef widescreen

Mariska de Greef

Financial Analyst


"You can learn so much from the people who already work here."


Most of the time large organizations are associated with a typical business culture. However that was not the feeling Mariska de Greef had with DAF. She heard different stories from people she knew. “After my first job, I was looking for a company where I had a lot of future options for people with a financial background like me,” she says. “When I spoke to people about DAF, they talked about the company as an informal company, with personal attention for their employees. This in combination with the growth opportunities, was very appealing for me.”

Mariska works with great enthusiasm as a Financial Analyst for PACCAR Parts. She says: "In the beginning everything is new, you have to find your place in a large company. Meeting new colleagues and doing new and different work makes it a lot of fun. You are continuously challenged, not only in terms of content, but also in your personal development. I also work at a department, where you can learn a lot from each other."

Together with her colleagues, Mariska is responsible for supporting the Parts business. Among other things, she analyzes the realized results and provisions, but also answers questions from the business. "When I started here, I was directly involved in various projects. It helps to build up create a network, because in the beginning you do not know exactly where you need to be with certain issues. Fortunately, there are always colleagues who know who is responsible for what and you have specialists in all disciplines who can help you further," Mariska clarifies.

Finance Innovation Day
Within DAF there are also various initiatives to bring new innovations or improvements to the attention of management. "For us there is the Finance Innovation Day, but these days are also organized in other departments, such as PACCAR Parts. On this day you get the opportunity to pitch an idea or improvement to the management. They seriously considered whether the idea can be implemented," explains Mariska. "This is how I proposed a process improvement myself, which is of added value to me and other departments."

Attention to (personal) development
"I see that growth and development is stimulated. Challenges are important to me and I notice that you can really immerse yourself in the subject-matter. Moreover, you are motivated by colleagues. You can learn so much from the people who already work at DAF," says Mariska. "And I really experience working at DAF as friends and acquaintances have indicated. You are not a number. It feels like a big family that works together."

Mariska de Greef