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"Show people that you're willing to learn new things."

Andy Janssen | Production Engineer Engine Factory

After completing his study in Automotive at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Andy Janssen initially continued working on his own company. However, he missed having colleagues around him and decided to look for a job that would allow him to combine the things he learned in huis study with his hobby. Eventually he found this combination at DAF. 

Na het afronden van zijn studie Automotive aan de Fontys Hogeschool, werkte Andy Janssen in eerste instantie verder aan zijn eigen bedrijf. Toch miste hij collega’s om hem heen en besloot hij op zoek te gaan naar een baan waarin hij zijn opleiding en hobby kon combineren. Die baan vond hij uiteindelijk in de functie van Production Engineer. [MK1] 

 [MK1]Ik zou zeggen: ‘Die baan vond hij bij DAF’. Of: Die combinatie vond hij in de functie van Production Engineer. Als je zegt, “Die baan vond hij in de functie…” klinkt mij vreemd in de ore


‘I was mainly looking for a job where I wasn't constantly working behind a laptop at the office. That is something that is certainly not the case in this position,' says Andy. 'I myself currently work as a Production Engineer at the Engine Plant, where I am responsible for a specific part of the line, but you can also work at one of the other plants, such as the truck factory or our sheet metal component factory.'

The work of a Production Engineer
'As a Production Engineer you make sure that the line keeps running, you continuously look at improvements in processes and you work in multidisciplinary teams so that (parts of) the line can be further optimized,' Andy explains. 

‘But of course, something unexpected always happens. Think, for example, of quality problems or machine breakdowns. For me, these are the most instructive and fun moments: The pressure to solve something properly, the final feeling when everything is working properly again and getting to know your colleagues and how they act in difficult situations.'

A lot of freedom
'You work together with many different departments and people. Product Development, Maintenance, the Quality Department and of course the Operators who work at the assembly line. Everyone has his or her own responsibilities, but we really think along with each other. You also get a lot of freedom to do the job. If you have a good idea, you also get the chance to do something with it.'

When I came to work here, I was confronted with the reality. I thought I had a lot of knowledge, but still didn't know how things worked in an actual business. Luckily, that’s not a problem here, as long as you show that you want to acquire new knowledge and are willing to learn things.

Andy Janssen round