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Approved Coolants


Coolant Specifications

The cooling system must be filled with a ready-mixed coolant containing antifreeze and corrosion-inhibiting additives.

Coolant identification

A sticker behind the grille states the information on the coolant used.

Approved Coolants

The table below lists the current suppliers that meet DAF specification 74002; the mixtures available are 40% glycol and 60% water and also 50% glycol and 50% water.

The cooling system must not be filled with coolants other than those specified in this overview.



Brand name Supplier
DAF Xtreme Longlife Coolant DAF Trucks N.V.
TRP Long Life Coolant DAF Trucks N.V.
Havoline XLC Arteco
DELO XLC Antifreeze / Coolant Chevron / Texaco
Havoline Xtended Life Coolant Chevron / Texaco
Caltex Extended Life Coolant Caltex
Glacelf Auto Supra/Coolelf Auto Supra Total
NIS a.d. Novi Sad Nisotec Antifriz Long Life 100
Maxigel Plus/Ultracooling Plus Renault Truck Oils
BP Procool BP
Castrol Radicool SF Premix Castrol
Castrol Radicool SF Castrol
Inugel Optimal/Inugel Optimal Ultra Motul
Yacco LR Organique Yacco
Petrol Antifriz Koncentrat Petrol
Protex Long Life/Coolmix LL Orvema
Protex Long Life Orvema
Coolmix LL -38 Orvema
Technocooling SMB
SMB Auto
York 718 York SAS
Coolant Maxmaster Truckcool Platinum Oil Wielkopolskie Centrum Dystrybucji
OPET FUCHS Madeni Yağ A.Ş.
Maintain Fricofin LL Fuchs Europe Schmierstoffe GMBH
Fricofin LL 50/50 Fuchs Europe Schmierstoffe GMBH
Coolant concentrate Maxmaster Redcool Platinum Oil Wielkopolskie Centrum Dystrybucji
Glysantin G 30-91 BASF
Polar Premium Longlife Antifreeze Telko
Zero Longlife Antifreeze Telko
Kuehlerfrostschutz KFS 12 Plus LIQUI MOLY
Kuehlerfrostschutz KFS 2001 Plus LIQUI MOLY
PrixMax MEG95 PrixMax Australia Pty Ltd.
Langzeit-Kuehlerfrostschutz GTL 12 Plus LIQUI MOLY
Coolant Ready Mix RAF 12 Plus LIQUI MOLY
Repsol Guard Refrigerante Organico MQ Repsol lubricantes y especialidades, S.A.
Shell Engine Coolant Longlife Kemetyl Group Ltd
Shell Premium Antifreeze Longlife Kemetyl Group Ltd
Kemetyl Glycocool Longlife Antifreeze 774 D-F Kemetyl Group Ltd
Kemetyl Carix Premium Longlife Kemetyl Group Ltd
Sheron Antifreeze Maxi D DF Partner s.r.o.
EVOX Premium Concentrate MOL-LUB Kft
Glixol Extra Long Life
Organika CAR S.A.
Glixol Extra Long Life -37 Organika CAR S.A.
Glixol G12+ Long Life Organika CAR S.A..
Glixol G12+ Long Life-37
Organika CAR S.A..
Glixol Long Life G12/12+ Organika CAR S.A.
Glixol Long Life G12/12+ Organika CAR S.A.
Petrygo Bus-37
Orlen Oil Sp. Z o.o.
Orlen Petrygo Plus
Orlen Oil Sp. Z o.o.
AVIATICON Finkofreeze F30
Finke Mineralölwerk GmbH
AntiFreeze SP12 Kroon Oil (NL)
AntiFreeze SF12+ 100 Gazpromneft 
Coolant SP12
Kroon Oil (NL)
Coolant Longlife G12+ Shell


Note:  For all vehicle series with an XE, PE, MX, PR, MX-11 or MX-13 engine and intarder or  arctic package, coolants with a mixture of 50% glycol and 50% water must be used.

Zakłady Chemiczne ORGANIKA S.A.
Zakłady Chemiczne ORGANIKA S.A.