Internship assignment: Managed Dealer Inventory

Automate and improve communication process with our dealers

  • Locatie Eindhoven
  • Afdeling PACCAR Parts
  • Fulltime Fulltime
  • Opleidingsniveau Bachelor
  • Contracttype Stage contract


On a daily base the MDI team is handling and communicating a lot of data with the Dealers in a manual way. This can and needs to be improved into an automated process. The assignment for this internship is as followed:

  1. Improve the MS Access Maintenance Database
  2. Fully Automate the communication towards the MDI Dealer
  3. Set-up a new Communication Tool

Jouw profiel

  • Bachelor or Master student, Industrial Engineering/IT
  • Able to work independently
  • Advanced analytical skills
  • Advanced Microsoft Access and Excel skills
  • Visual Basics for Applications skills
  • Strong communication skills



MDI stands for Managed Dealer Inventory and is a free of charge program PACCAR Parts offers to its customers all over the world. Dealers who are using the program receive automated order suggestions to optimize their inventory and spend their time more efficiently.

With all the expertise and knowledge which is put into the system on a daily base by our MDI analysts, the program is able to optimize the dealers’ inventory. Meaning; no shortages but also no surplus stock on the shelf. Ensuring parts availability for the end customer.

In Europe over 500 dealers are using this program and sharing their inventory information on a daily base with the MDI database. With millions of lines being received and processed every day there is also a lot of maintenance to be done to make sure the quantities are ok and quality is still guaranteed.
The MDI team consists out of 15 colleagues speaking up to 9 different languages, located it Eindhoven, Leyland (UK) and Ponta Grossa (Brazil).

Wij bieden

  • A view behind the scenes at a large international corporation;
  • You will get a lot of freedom and responsibility. We are open to your initiatives and depending on the assignment you see your results back  the workplace;
  • An experienced coach and supervisor who can teach you a lot and is willing to help you with your assignment;
  • An internship wage of €250,- (MBO) , € 375,- (HBO) or €450,- (WO) per month on full-time base;
  • A travel allowance, if you don’t have a student travel product (provided by the Dutch government);
  • A housing allowance, if you temporarily rent a room near DAF.

Each intern will have the opportunity to participate at the Student Event. During this event you will meet other interns and find out more about DAF/PACCAR!

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