Embedded Software Engineer

Do you want your code to change the future of mobility?

  • Locatie Eindhoven
  • Afdeling Product Development
  • Fulltime Fulltime
  • Opleidingsniveau Bachelor
  • Contracttype Vast contract


We are looking for people to help us change the future of mobility. To realize our mission, we need passionate software engineers who want to shape a new age of mobility. Software is driving this change – therefore we need you, and your vision, ideas, and technical solutions.

We expect from you to bring your software expertise. In return, we will learn you the automotive specific technology and more about the organization through our Embedded Engineering Academy.

You will be working together with our best engineers and you should not be afraid to speak up and take the lead. We will encourage you to share and show us your vision, and help us grow as a team.

Although this vacancy text contains all the latest buzz words, the reality is more complex. The journey can sometimes be difficult, but in the end, you will be rewarded when you see the result of your hard work on the roads (DAF: this is who we are), or that your software developed in Eindhoven is used for the first Zero Emissions Kenworth  (Zero Emissions Kenworth T680 FCEV on the Climb to 14,115-Foot Pikes Peak Summit).

Jouw profiel

We asked your future colleagues to describe their ideal team member. They came up with the following description:

def daf_job_application(self, you: Engineer):
    while you.reading_job_application:
        if (
            ("Bachelor" in or "Master" in
            and (
                "Software Engineering" in
                or "Informatics" in
                or "Computer Science" in
            and you.languages[0] == Languages.ENGLISH
            and (you.languages[1] == Languages.DUTCH or you.willing_to_learn_dutch)
            and you.years_of_experience >= 0
            and Skill.OBJECT_ORIENTED_PROGRAMMING in you.skills
            and Skill.DESIGN_PATTERNS in you.skills
            and Skill.AGILE in you.skills
            and Skill.TEAMPLAYER in you.skills
            and Skill.SELF_ORGANISING in you.skills
            and Skill.PROBLEM_SOLVER in you.skills

Apply for this awesome job

            return "I am ready to change the future of mobility"

Are you wondering in which languages we code? That’s mainly Simulink and Python. We are proud of our full Model-Driven Development strategy. Don’t be afraid if you haven’t mastered these languages yet. If you’ve mastered the concept of Object-Oriented Programming, you will be up and running in no time – just like all the engineers and internship students before you.

During the interview, we usually get enthusiastic if you can show us or talk about personal projects you have been working on. For example the app you created or your code on GitHub. We cannot wait to see what interests you most! We will show you how our unique Model-Driven Development strategy looks like, so you can get an impression of your future job.


You will be part of an experienced and dedicated international team in the Platform Development group of DAF Embedded Engineering, that is located in our awesome new office in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

You can read testimonies of our software engineers at and

Embedded Engineering is primarily located in Eindhoven and has an office in Pune, India. Together we have over 140 highly skilled people today. We deliver world-class engineering in the domains of engine controllers and vehicle controllers. Embedded Engineering also works closely together with PACCAR Embedded Engineering located in Renton, near Seattle.

The products developed within Embedded Engineering are applied not only on DAF trucks but also in the famous PACCAR brands Kenworth and Peterbilt. Through component sales, our products are used by leading bus and coach manufacturers.

Wij bieden

We offer you an environment where you can explore your talents, and colleagues encourage you to speak up and show your skills. Together we create an environment where you can learn and choose your career path. In addition to a good salary, DAF offers you the following working conditions:

  • A 36-hour workweek;
  • 27 Vacation days and a possibility of 13 ADV days (reduction of working hours);
  • A good work-life balance (due to flexible working hours);
  • Extensive opportunities for personal growth, such as education programs and (online) training courses;
  • A variable bonus, based on DAF results;
  • A retirement plan and group health insurance;
  • A ticket to the Embedded Engineering Academy where you will learn all aspects of Embedded Engineering;
  • An annual hackathon where you can work with colleagues on projects of your interest! Pitch your idea and form a group of interested colleagues.
Drive your career, drive the future, join DAF!