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DAF BodyBuilder Information

Easy access to comprehensive and up-to-date vehicle information and installation guidelines for professional bodybuilders and workshops.

DAF Used Trucks

Are you looking for a reliable used truck? Our DAF Used TruckLocator offers a comprehensive range of used trucks that are as good as new and ready for operation.

DAF Components

Are you a manufacturer of buses, coaches, off road vehicles and special vehicles for agriculture and industry? DAF Components can supply you with components such as engines, axles and cabs.

DAF dealer

This site provides you all the information as needed for performing periodic technical inspections (PTI) on DAF trucks, in compliance with the regulation EU 2019/621.

Driver Information

Are you a driver of a DAF truck? Here you will find all driver manuals with instructions needed for optimum efficiency, safety and comfort when driving your DAF vehicle.


This site provides all the information that independent workshops need for repair and maintenance activities on DAF trucks.

DAF Collection
DAF Collection

Visit our DAF shop for a wide selection of caps, jackets, watches, miniature models and many more gift items.



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