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Purchasing at DAF

PACCAR, the parent company of DAF, has purchasing organisations in Europe, China, India, North America, Mexico, Australia and Brazil. The European purchasing organisation of DAF is called PACCAR Purchasing Europe. PACCAR Purchasing Europe employs some 150 people in offices in Eindhoven, Budapest, Leyland and Prague. Purchasing plays a very important role in DAF's success. More than 75% of the cost price of a truck consists of components purchased by DAF from suppliers all over the world.

The work of our purchasers is largely strategic. You have to oversee large purchasing packages and are often involved in several projects at the same time. As a purchaser, you are a real team player. You are the link between external suppliers and internal departments at DAF. Besides managing contacts with current suppliers, you must actively look for new suppliers of new products and services. As a purchaser, you are involved in the development process at an early stage. It is essential to have excellent knowledge of your product and market. Relevant technical skills are also often required. Only then can you be an effective discussion partner for both engineers and suppliers. As a purchaser, you must be sure of yourself and be an expert negotiator. You must also be able to remain in control. This is necessary in order to estimate prices correctly and also to negotiate with suppliers about the desired price and quality. As a purchaser, you determine whether the material, part or service meets the minimum quality requirements and reliability of supply and whether a supplier has the relevant technical product knowledge. You also evaluate whether a supplier has a favourable market position and financial footing.

As a purchaser at PACCAR Purchasing Europe, you deal with purchasing packages of between 20 million and 300 million euro.

Departments within PACCAR Purchasing Europe
PACCAR Purchasing Europe is responsible for everything DAF purchases. This varies from product-related materials and parts to non-product-related goods and services such as IT systems, transport and logistics, and facility services. The purchase of products and parts that are directly sold on by dealers forms part of the purchasing activities at DAF. Each department requires purchasers with different knowledge, experiences and backgrounds.

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