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Logistics and supply chain management play an essential part at DAF. As a logistics professionals you will definitely be challenged.

Logistics Operations

Within our Manufacturing organization “Direct Line Feeding" is key: parts are delivered directly to the assembly lines. As a logistics professional, you make sure that parts are delivered in the order they are needed in the production process. We manufacture our trucks according to the build-to-order principle. Delivery reliability is therefore of utmost importance. All of this puts significant demands on the organisation of our logistics.

Sophisticated logistics is important not only for the production of our trucks, but also for their distribution. Every day, dozens of truck combinations with DAFs start their journey to customers all over the world, an operation that requires considerable planning and organizational skills.

PACCAR Parts Europe

As a Logistics specialist you play an essential role within PACCAR Parts Europe. PACCAR Parts is the leading distributor of quality truck parts and service concepts. You and your colleagues at PACCAR Parts take care of more than 385,000 parts shipments each year across the whole of Europe and beyond. All of this is done with just one goal: maximum availability of the customers’ trucks. You use DAF’s sophisticated stock planning processes and intelligent IT systems, which are often developed in-house, to achieve this. 

PACCAR Parts is a division of PACCAR and headquartered at the DAF premises in Eindhoven.

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