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Discover the best XF ever

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Europe's best cab,
made even better
Low operating costs
High fuel efficiency
Unequalled interior
space. Best comfort
Enhanced safety
Top class handling
Proven technology
Highest quality
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close detail

The DAF that delights every

Operator Driver


A new era,
a new look

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new DAF truck
new DAF truck photo count
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new DAF truck


Drivers deserve the best!

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new DAF truck photo count
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MX-13 engine


Powerful efficiency

The new XF is powered by the brand new PACCAR MX-13 engine, which is ultra-clean and market leader in terms of efficiency, reliability and durability.

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Insulated exhaust manifold Turbo with variable geomerty Oil lub module Large non-metal oil sump Generator with single power belt MX engine break New engine block and head Foamed wiring harness Hight pressure common rail Compressor
new DAF truck photo count
new DAF truck


All new chassis frame
of the new XF

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DAF Services

Efficient transport involves more than just the perfect truck. Therefore, DAF offers a total transport solution. Behind DAF is a professional organization and an international dealer network They help you in choosing the right vehicle, arrange financing and keep your fleet in perfect condition.


A repair and maintenance contract gives you maximum security at a fixed price per kilometre. You decide yourself the level of service, with the possibility to extend to trailer equipment and/or construction. So you are always assured of a perfectly maintained fleet and maximum vehicle availability. And just as important, you can concentrate on your core business. Finally, the DAF dealer takes maintenance planning and administration off your hands!


For more than 50 years, PACCAR Financial, the in-house financier of DAF, has offered customized financial services that completely focus on the transport sector. Like no other, PACCAR Financial understands your business, which makes them a real business partner. Naturally for the financing of your trucks, but also for complete combinations, including superstructures and trailers. With various financing possibilities, including repair and maintenance and insurance options. PACCAR Financial always offers a perfect solution, tailored to your individual requirements.


Besides original DAF parts and PACCAR engine parts, PACCAR Parts supplies over 60,000 universal TRP Truck & Trailer parts for all makes of trucks and trailers, including workshop supplies. From distribution centers in The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Russia, Hungary and Spain, PACCAR Parts delivers within 24 hours to dealers and customers throughout Europe. The 99.98% delivery reliability is unique within the truck industry. Max Card holders also benefit from special discounts and offers.


Even a DAF truck can become stranded through misfortune or an accident. In which case, it's good to know that the driver can fully rely on DAF International Truck Service (ITS). A telephone call to DAF ITS (+31­ 40 214 3000) is enough, wherever you are in Europe. 365 days a year, day and night, you are helped in 15 languages and by local technicians. ITS does everything necessary to get your truck back on the road as quickly as possible.


The driver is key for achieving the highest efficiency. DAF training helps the driver to save fuel and better anticipate traffic situations. This also benefits safety. A well-trained driver is more careful with his vehicle. DAF driver training teach every driver to be 5 to 10% more fuel efficient in the short term and with less damage to the vehicle. The long-term saving is 3 to 5%!

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The best truck for both worlds

The new DAF XF


Want to know more? The DAF dealer will be happy to tell you everything you want to know about the new DAF XF.

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DAF XF Photo Gallery

Did you meet our new DAF XF and was your picture taken? Find your picture in this gallery.


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