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How to finance - Financial lease

When you choose for financial lease, you spread the purchase expense over a fixed period of time for a fixed, or in some cases variable rate. You know exactly what your monthly costs are and have no major initial outlay. You use the equipment, PACCAR Financial owns it. And when all payments have been made, you can either extend the lease or pay the pre-determined settlement and become owner of the vehicle yourself. Financial lease can also be beneficial from a tax point of view.

Main characteristics of Financial lease:

  • Purely financial transaction
  • Fixed monthly payments of instalments and interest
  • Vehicle will be activated on your balance sheet + write-offs
  • Can be extended with additional services

Main advantages of Financial lease:

  • 100% financing (unless agreed otherwise)
  • Vehicle will be your property after maturity of the contract
  • Fiscal advantages are applicable

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The financial products that PACCAR Financial offers depend very much on your country. In several European countries we have Regional Business Managers who look forward to discuss the financing possibilities with you.

Services that back-up PACCAR Financial

MultiSupport - Repair and Maintenance


PACCAR Financial can roll your repair and maintenance costs into your lease contract, as well as include other services, such as the insurance for your truck, GAP insurance, road tax and toll vignettes.

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PacLease - short and long term rental


Flexibility is key to cost efficient management of your transport needs. PacLease offers to the market highest quality trucks and trailers, ready for immediate short and long term rental.   

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