DAF MultiSupport

More than just repair and maintenance

Tailor made repair and maintenance solutions. In the haulage business, everything is geared to maximise productivity and minimise costs: the highest possible profit per tonne/kilometre. DAF MultiSupport offers you a tailor made repair and maintenance solution that prevents unpleasant surprises, controls your monthly costs, and provides total peace of mind.

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You drive, we take care of the rest

Your DAF dealer takes maintenance planning and administration off your hands. As a result, you can focus on your core activities sure in the knowledge that your fleet will always be in perfect condition.


Fixed price per kilometre

This flexible repair and maintenance service gives you maximum assurance at a fixed price per kilometre, full financial control, thus preventing unpleasant (costly) surpises.


Maximum uptime

Taking into account your needs, vehicle use, truck configuration and applicable legal inspections, your dealer will create an optimised maintenance schedule that is best suited for the vehicle and for your operation. In case of a breakdown or any other unexpected situation, you can fully rely on DAF ITS.


Enhanced resale value

Usage of genuine DAF parts will show through increased vehicle reliability and durability, but will also be reflected in an enhanced resale value. DAF guarantees a higher residual value with DAF MultiSupport.

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Uptime plus

DAF Trucks stands for reliability, cost effectiveness and quality, but your truck may still run into unexpected difficulties from time to time. To give you maximum security when it comes to mobility, DAF MultiSupport Uptime Plus is optionally available with Optimum Fleet Care: an extension to our repair and maintenance contracts, allowing you to combine optimum vehicle performance with the most comprehensive mobility service available.

If your truck breaks down when you are transporting goods, the DAF International Truck Service (ITS) will provide you with immediate assistance. Your call will be handled with the highest priority.


DAF Service network

With the most highly trained and responsive dealership network, DAF is able to deliver the most efficient, productive and cost effective services available anywhere, including:

  • a total of 1200 service dealers throughout Europe
  • highly trained DAF technicians in every dealership – providing expert advice, service and support

In case of a breakdown or any other unexpected situation, you can fully rely on DAF International Truck Service (ITS) and the dense DAF service organization throughout the whole of Europe: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.



The DAF dealer and service network proves itself time and again when it comes to getting things right first time. We achieve that (high) level of thanks to driven professionals with a great deal of experience and product-orientated training. This means they are familiar with your truck and trailer, but more importantly, they
know what your business is all about, namely; that every hour of downtime costs money. And that’s why they help you to get on the road again as quickly as possible. That’s the strength of the international DAF service network.

The packages

With the DAF MultiSupport packages and the organization behind it, we offer a comprehensive range of standard and optional servicing. With DAF MultiSupport Services you can select one of the following 4 pre-defined services packages.

Care⁺ Xtra Care Flex care Full care
Driveline Repairs
Non Driveline Repairs
Wear Repairs
Breakdown Support
Uptime plus
Legal Inspections
Other Products



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